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...The Golden Pearl of Rajasthan Hospitality ...

Pearl Palace Heritage

Boutique Hotel

Jaipur, India

...is a Unique way to Experience Jaipur – “The Gateway to Rajasthan”
one of India’s most Vibrant and Exotic Destinations.

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The Best Place To Stay In Jaipur

An Immersive Experience
Indian Art, Culture
& Hospitality

Let us show you the legendary Hospitality of Rajasthan. Become a guest of The Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel today.

Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel is a unique way to experience Jaipur –
“The Gateway to Rajasthan”, one of India’s most vibrant and exotic destinations. Our boutique hotel has 20 rooms each in a heritage style, reviving the gracious lifestyle of India’s Rajput princes, as well as various art forms found only in India.



Rooms & Suites

Pearl Palace Heritage offers spacious non-smoking Rooms & Suites furnished with artifacts and antique style furniture resplendent of the region’s rich cultural heritage.
The relaxed atmosphere provides Comfort & Luxury, with the convenience of a family-run hotel. Let us be one of the first of your many wonderful Jaipur memories.

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Our Sister Property

Pearl Palace Hotel

In the almost 20 years since we launched this hotel, The Pearl Palace has been transformed from just another urban building to an award-winning hotel. We are proud to chosen by you as one of TripAdvisor’s
“Travelers’ Choice Award” hotels in our class. You have favored us with this distinction in the past and it is this praise that drives us to keep building and improving.

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Peacock Restaurant

Peacock Restaurant – located 2 blocks away at our award-winning Pearl Palace Hotel is a delightful calm place where you can sip a chai tea or have a bite, admiring the old Hathroi Fort only meters away.
Traditional breakfasts, noon-time snacks and rich gourmet regional fare are available there.
We invite hotel guests to join us for diner at The Peacock Restaurant.

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Patachitra Luxury Room


In Sanskrit language "Patta" literally means "Cloth" and "Chitra" means picture. Most of these stories depict Hindu deities, based in Eastern Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. Patachitra are a component of ancient Benhali narative art, originally serving as a visual device during the performance of a song. This art form is known for it`s excelent play of natural colours and it's roots can be traced to the Ist century AD as mentioned in Buddhist literature. The star exponent of this art form was Jamini Roy whose work has been depicted in this room.

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Jaisalmer Premium 2


Located in the great Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is an important destination of Rajasthan. It is regarded as the western sentinel of entire India and a place well worth visiting to get an idea of native Rajasthan. The magnificent yellow sand stone carvings on mantions on buildings display the love and interest of Rajputs in fine arts, reflecting the glory and grandeur of royalty in the past

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Madhubani Room


Madhubani, which means "Forest of Honey”, is a region in the Northern part of Bihar with a regional identity and language of more than two thousand years. The ancient tradition of wall paintings emerged out of women's craving for religiousness. The paintings depict scenes of nature, gods from ancient epics etc. No space is left empty and gaps are filled with flowers, animals and birds. Madhubani paintings as a domestic activity were unknown to the outside world until a massive earthquake in 1934, when houses and walls tumbled down.

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Rajput Room


Rajasthan is the most colourful state in India.It has a unique architecture and is renowned for it all over the world. The architecture is based mainly on the Rajput school of architecture which was a blend of Hindu and Mughal structural design.The rajputs were prolific builders .Some of the most imposing and magnificent forts and palaces in the world are in the arid Aravalli hills and tell you of a glorious legacy.

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Nirvana Room


Ladakh, "Land of High Passes”, is a region in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan discent. The architecture traces the history of mainly Buddhist religion. Buddhism has been practiced here for the last fifteen centures and the place has a kinship with Tibet because of the religion. The most noticeable feature is the omamentation in the form of sculptures, wall paintings and motifs. These show a religious zeal and are colourful to compensate for the dullness of the terrain.

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